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Teri Brooks

Behavioral Psychologist

Speaking Topics

  • Strategies to Help Parents Manage Challenging Behaviors Associated with ADHD (i.e. Anxiety, Anger, Oppositionality) and Increase Skills such as Emotional Regulation, Impulse Control, Executive Functioning, and Compliance with Requests

Email me: drterib@gmail.com

Kathy Essig

Executive Function Specialist and President of Essig Education Group

Speaking Topics

  • The Essential Study Skills for High School and College Success
  • The Importance of Planning, Organization, and Time-Management
  • The Launch to College
  • The Differences Between High School and College
  • Preparing for Midterm and Final Exams
  • Note Taking Strategies that Aren’t Always Taught in School

Email me: info@essigeducationgroup.com

Cheryl Gedzelman

Director of Tutoring for Success

Speaking Topics

  • Reading for Pleasure

Email me: cherylg@tutoringforsuccess.com

Julie Gray

Life Coach for Adults and Teens at Profound Impact

Speaking Topics

  • Naturally Navigating Stress and Anxiety
  • How to Get More Done with Less Stress
  • How to Stop Procrastinating – Without More Discipline

Email me: julie@profound-impact.com

Hervé LeBoeuf III

Director of The Focused Mind

Speaking Topics

  • Why Is My Kid Still at Home? How to Manage the Adult Child Who Has Returned Home After Trying to Be Independent
  • Is Your Child with ADHD Ready to Cross the Bridge from High School to the Future?
  • Executive Functions vs. Business Success

Email me: hleboeuf@gmail.com

Paul Rivas

Author of This Book Will Not Be on the Test and director of SMITH RIVAS Study Skills & Academic Coaching

Speaking Topics

  • Study Skills for Teens: How to Help Your Students Learn Efficiently
  • Beyond Learning Differences and Executive Function Challenges: How to Overcome Any Academic Challenge with Study Skills
  • Better Grades in Less Time: Why Study Skills and Time Management are the Key to Success in School, Work, and Life
  • Study Skills for Teachers: How to Help Your Students Learn Efficiently

Email me: info@smithrivas.com

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